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Warden Triumph Seal

The awesome new set of Triumphs await you, guardians, in the Beyond Light expansion under the Warden Seal. Completing them as with every seal will require time, skill, and a lot of nerves as the grind is hard and time-consuming. But the reward is equally matched, you will get the chance to use the Warden Titel and showoff to your fellow guardians. If you don't have time to farm

Our Warden Seal Service includes the following triumphs:

  • Hive-Made Monster - Acquire upgrades for the cryptolith Lure
  • Stalk and Snare: Tangled Shore - Defeat each Tier 2 Fallen Wrathborn on the Tangled Shore.
  • Stalk and Snare: Dreaming City - Defeat each Tier 2 Hive Wrathborn in the Dreaming City.
  • Hunting Attire - Defeat Wrathborn while wearing pieces of seasonal armor. More pieces of armor grant more efficient progress.
  • Tools of the Hunt - Defeat combatants with each seasonal weapon.
  • One's True Culling - Defeat combatants with each Season Pass weapon.
  • Renaissance Hunter - Hone your skills with the seasonal weaponry. Defeat combatants at close range with the Submachine Gun, rapidly defeat combatants with the Grenade Launcher, and deal precision final blows with the Linear Fusion Rifle.

Things you should know!

  • Requirements for this service will vary depending on the selected triumph. Contact our 24/7 live chat support for more information about the requirements on the desired triumphs!