Trials of Osiris: Token Farm

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Trials of Osiris Token Farm & Passage of Wealth

With Season 10 returns our favorite Pinnacle PVP activity: Trials of Osiris, completely revamped from Destiny 1. This service is perfect for those looking to earn extra Trials of Osiris tokens to redeem with Saint-14 for more Trials gear and weapons.

    Our Options & How it Works

    Our Options:

    - Passage of Wealth: We will log in and complete games 3/5/7 for bonus tokens.

    If you select the Passage of Wealth 2X or 3X option, the ENTIRE ORDER will be completed on ONE character only!

    You must have completed 5 games on a Passage of Mercy in order to pick up a Passage of Wealth; if you need us to complete the 5 games for you, please select that option accordingly 


    • You must have 25,000 Glimmer per Flawless card in order for us to purchase your Passage to access Trials
    • You must be 1245 Light
    • You absolutely must stay offline if we are doing an account recovery; if you log into your account while we are in a game, it will cause us to lose the match and therefore have to reset the card