Trials & DSC Bundle

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Limited Time: Trials & Deep Stone Crypt New Year Savings Bundles

This service is ideal for any Guardians looking to boost their base Light Level, especially for those who have capped at 1250 and need Pinnacle Activity rewards to increase their light! We are offering this current bundle for a LIMITED TIME, offering some huge savings!

Trials and Deep Stone Crypt are two of the most difficult end-game activities, but also reward some of the highest loot you can obtain as they are the only rewards that will increase your power above 1250! We offer customizable bundles so you can select which activities the GP team completes, or a discounted bundle for all Weekly drops!

To see the requirements for each activity or this week's Trials of Osiris Rewards/the potential rewards from Deep Stone Crypt, check out the links below:


Bundle Options

We offer 3 Tiers of bundles, with each Tier increasing the amount of savings!

Tier 1: X1 Flawless Run & X1 DSC Clear

Tier 2: X2 Flawless Run & X2 DSC Clear

Tier 3: X3 Flawless Run & X3 DSC Clear

We also include options to add on Raid challenges and Fast Track for both Raid and Trials! Please note that we are only offering Recovery options for this bundle; if you're looking for self-play, please see the respective individual services above!


  • You must own Beyond Light/Season of the Hunt DLC

  • For Trials of Osiris, you must be 1245+ base light level WITHOUT Artifact & have completed the Pre-Quest from Saint-14