Ticuu's Divination Exotic Catalyst

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 Ticuu's Divination Exotic Catalyst

Once you acquire the Ticcu’s Divination you will get the Catalyst quest from Banshee in the Tower. In order to complete the quest to obtain the catalyst, you must complete a lengthy set of objectives in both PVE and PVP playlists, but it's well worth it once the catalyst is finished!


Once the catalyst has been completed, this weapon generates Orbs on multikills and displays the number of enemies defeated by using it.

Further, it gains an additional perk called Causality Quiver: Perfectly drawn arrows that detonate Sacred Flames increase arrow damage. Striking targets unaffected by Sacred Flame instead refreshes Causality Arrows’ duration.

Catalyst Quest Objectives

Step 1: Defeat 100 Combatants, 50 guardians, and generate 100 Orbs of Power

Step 2: Earn 200 Calibration Data, defeat 100 combatants, and 50 guardians


  • You must ALREADY have Ticuu's Divination and the catalyst quest from Banshee

  • You must be Season Pass level 22! If you need a Season Pass boost, check out our service for that here.