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Solo Lost Sector: Guaranteed Exotics

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Guaranteed New Exotic Armor from Lost Sectors!

‣ The Gauntlet, Helmet and Chest Exotic Armor are on a daily rotation for the LEGEND version of the Lost Sector.

‣ If you complete these SOLO you get a chance for an exotic armor and valuable materials.

‣ We will complete this using the 1300 (LEGEND) version of the Lost Sector.

‣ It can reward UNIQUE new Beyond Light Exotic Armor that you can't get from any other activity.

‣ With this service we GUARANTEE the selected new exotic armor drop. We will keep running Lost Sectors until you receive the specified Armor Piece(s). 


Warlock Exotics

Dawn ChorusNecrotic Grip   

Hunter Exotics

Mask of Bakris    Athrys's Embrace   

Titan Exotics

Precious Scars  Icefall Mantle   



  • Must have completed the Beyond Light Campaign
  • Must be 1280+ Power Level
  • Must have Anti barrier and Overload available