One Thousand Voices (GUARANTEED)

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One Thousand Voices is a really unique weapon. Basically, ever wanted a fusion rifle & trace rifle combined into one that shoots a laser beam of giant death? Oh, did I forget to mention that the laser beam EXPLODES after impact? This gun not only makes you feel powerful, it's one of the highest burst damage weapons in the game. Although only obtainable from the Last Wish raid, it's rarety matches it's usefulness! 100% one of the most sought after guns in all of Destiny 2!

This is a Checkpoint Completion recovery service only.

  • Our team will complete the Riven encounter incl. Queenwalk for a chance at the exclusive raid exotic One Thousand Voices (1K).
  • This can be cleared once per character per weekly reset for rewards

You do NOT need to have a checkpoint.

If you are interested in a full raid completion, we offer that as well in the Raids section.