Nightmare Hunts

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Nightmare Hunts

Nightmare Hunts are a brand new challenging activity exclusive to Shadowkeep, offering a ton of new weapon opportunities and powerful gear drops. Each Nightmare has their own unique Essence, which can be utilized at the Lectern of Enchantments to craft some of Shadowkeep's newest weapons and armor! 

This Week's Rewards & Requirements

- Adept (1180) Completion

Light Level Requirement: 1150+
Mod Requirements: 

- Hero (1220) Completion

Light Level Requirement: 1200+
Mod Requirements: Barrier and Unstoppable Mods

- Legend (1250) Completion 

Light Level Requirement: 1231+
Mod Requirements: Barrier and Unstoppable Mods

- Master (1280) Completion 

Light Level Requirement: 1261+
Mod Requirements: Barrier and Unstoppable Mods

- Weekly Challenge (3 Nightmare Hunts)

Light Level Requirement: See above (Tier Dependent)

Rewards: Powerful Rewards (Tier 1)

Our team will complete the Weekly Challenge by completing 3 Nightmare Hunts on the difficulty selected


  • You must own the Shadowkeep DLC
  • You must meet the individual light level requirements
  • Currently this is completed as a recovery service only; we will offer self-play within the upcoming weeks