Nightfall Exclusive Weapon Farms

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Nightfall Exclusive Weapon Farms: Shadow Price, The Swarm, and Palindrome

With season 13, Season of the Chosen, three of our favorite Destiny 1 weapons has been brought back: Shadow Price Auto Rifle, The Swarm Heavy Machine Gun, and Palindrome Hand Cannon. These three weapons will ONLY drop from Nightfall: The Ordeal completions, and will have an increasingly higher drop chance in higher difficulty selections.

Please note that these weapons are on a WEEKLY ROTATION; only one is available each week! We will complete these on 1270 OR HIGHER difficulty.

This week's weapon in rotation is: The Swarm Heavy Machine Gun

The Shadow Price / Kinetic Auto Rifle / Arc Damage

Item Screenshot

Palindrome / Kinetic Hand Cannon / Void Damage

Item Screenshot

The Swarm / Heavy Machine Gun / Arc Damage

Item Screenshot


  • You must own the Beyond Light DLC and have completed the campaign

  • You must be 1260+ Power Level

  • Must have access to Anti-Barrier and Overload Mods from the Seasonal Artifact