Trials of Osiris

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Trials of Osiris

Trials of Osiris is back in Destiny 2 and so the love-hate relationship continues. Being one of the most sweaty AND rewarding activities in the game we have missed it for sure! Not feeling the stress of the PvP arena but would like the sweet, sweet loot? Don't worry! The top-tier teams at GuardianProxy is here to make the road to the Lighthouse easy and stress-free. You can either lean back and let our GP guardians handle it for you via a recovery, or you can get that sweatband ready and dive into Trials yourself with our highly skilled players via our Sherpa option! 



Our services are for a guaranteed Flawless completion, taking you to the Lighthouse for exclusive gear. 

PLEASE NOTE: ALL cards will be run as a Passage of Mercy; if you are looking for Confidence Passages please review our Flawless Triumph Seal page.

Additionally, if you are not up to the light requirement of 1275+, check out our service: Power Level Boost.



    Each week the Trials of Osiris map changes, as do the rewards for winning a certain number of matches. The rewards are consistent across all players, although each player’s weapon roll will differ.

    SIMILAR TO RAIDS, you can loot a Flawless run once per week per character (max of 3X per week if you have three characters!)

    New Trials Armor:

    New Trials Weapons:


    This Week's Flawless Rewards:

    3 WINS –  
    5 WINS – 
    7 WINS – 


    Emblems & Cosmetics

    Hardened by Trial Emblem:

    Flawless Empyrean Emblem:

    Random Rewards

    The Ghost Shell, Sparrow and Ship is a random drop from any passage. You can acquire these rewards even if you already have been flawless the same weekend.

     In Memoriam Shell

     Exotic / Ghost Shell

     Paradigm Shift

     Exotic / Vehicle

     Winds of Change  

     Exotic / Ship  


    Looking for Flawless Seal triumphs? Look here:


    • You must be of light level 1275+ WITHOUT the Artifact Bonus.

    • You must have 25,000 Glimmer per Flawless card in order for us to purchase your Passage to access Trials.

    • You MUST have the new Stasis subclass unlocked.