Harbinger Mission

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Harbinger Mission

Complete the Harbinger Mission to unlock the Hawkmoon catalyst as well as random rolls for your Hawkmoon!

Once you've acquired Hawkmoon, you can complete this mission on each character once per week, earning 2 randomly rolled Hawkmoons per run! Additionally, earn triumphs and the Hawkmoon catalyst along the way! Please note we are currently only offering this service as a recovery; please contact us for self-play pricing.

Triumphs & Options

Base Completion - A basic completion of the Harbinger Mission rewarding 2 Hawkmoon rolls per run; select the X3 option to save for all 3 characters!

Alpha Hunter - Complete the Harbinger solo without dying; must be 1271+ Light Level

Hunter Killer - Complete the Harbinger mission in less than 15 minutes; must be 1271+ Light Level

Birds of a Feather - Complete the Harbinger mission with a fireteam of 3 all with Hawkmoon equipped


  • You must own the Annual Pass/Beyond Light DLC
  • Must meet the individual light level requirements if applicable