Gilded Triumph Seals

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Gilded Triumph Seals: Season 13

Starting this season, players can improve certain Seals to really show off. For the four Seals that tie into Destiny 2’s main activity offerings — Unbroken, Dredgen, Conqueror, and Flawless — players can complete new Triumphs each season, gilding that Seal. Gilding a Seal adds a new border around it in the UI, tracks how many times you’ve gilded the Seal in a previous seasons, and changes the Title color in-game.


Please note: in order for us to complete any of these triumphs, you MUST already have the base Seals completed.


  • For Flawless Triumph Seal: 1285+ Power Level
    For Unbroken: 1250+ Power Level
    For Dredgen: 1280+ Power Level
    Conqueror: 1325+ Power Level

  • You absolutely must stay offline during an account recovery