Garden of Salvation

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Garden of Salvation

Love the Vex? Well well well.... the vex are most definitely ON THE FIELD GUARDIAN! Head into the Black Forest to school the Sanctified Mind a thing or two about calling us out! This raid takes place on the Moon (yes it's made of cheese) so those moon bounties do count! Tied to the Enlightened Triumph Seal, this raid has many triumphs to complete for it! Have one our trusted, most hardened Destiny 2 vets take care of the hard work for you or, you can have one of our most experienced sherpas walk you through!  


  • Currently, we offer both recovery and self-play options.
  • For account recovery services, we will provide a full list of all rewards earned within the raid. You can read more about account recoveries in our FAQ.
  • For Sherpa services, we will schedule a time and date convenient for you. We love to teach so no previous experience is needed!


In the Garden of Salvation, you are guaranteed to earn 4 raid exclusive drops (armor and weapons) as well as the potential for Season of the Undying mods for your new armor. We will also collect the two secret chests awarding you 2 extra drops. 



Prophet of Doom / Shotgun / Arc

Omnicient Eye / Sniper Rifle / Solar

Ancient Gospel / Hand Cannon / Solar

Reckless Oracle / Auto Rifle / Void

Sacred Provenance / Pulse Rifle / Kinetic

Zealot's Reward / Fusion Rifle / Void

Accrued Redemption / Combat Bow / Kinetic


PLEASE NOTE: All of these rewards are random/RNG (aside from the emblem) and are NOT guaranteed!


  • You must own Shadowkeep/Season of the Undying
  • You must have completed the Shadowkeep campaign
  • You absolutely must be at least 920 Light Level for us to start this raid.