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Weekly Empire Hunt

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Weekly Empire Hunt 

The New Kell  Complete the Weekly Empire Hunt for a pinnacle reward!

 Once you have completed Variks Sabotage Perk European Explorer II you can select Elected difficulty for Empire Hunts and earn different rewards depending on the difficulty.

Each completion also includes the chance for the Exotic Sniper: Cloudstrike.


Adept (1180)

 Enhancement Cores (Uncommon)


Hero (1220)

 High-Stat Crystoscrene Armor (Rare)

 Enhancement Cores (Common)

 Enhancement Prisms (Rare)

Legend (1250)

 High-Stat Crystoscrene Armor (Uncommon)

 Enhancement Cores (Uncommon)

 Enhancement Prisms (Common)

Master (1280)

 Pinnacle Drop

 High-Stat Crystoscrene Armor (Common)

 Enhancement Prisms (Common)


  • Must have completed the Beyond Light Campaign
  • Must meet the Power Level of the Selected Difficulty
  • Must have unlocked the Elected Difficulty Empire Hunts