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The Deathbringer Exotic Rocket Launcher

When you shoot this Rocket Launcher you'll understand why they named it the Deathbringer! Once fired, a giant purple -nova bomb almost like- rocket will shoot out the gun; but wait, it gets better... that giant purple ball of death breaks up into smaller tracking balls that completely takes your enemy by surprise!

Completing the Quest

Memory of Sai Mota

Complete the Lunar Spelunker weekly bounty from Eris Morn on the Moon.

Sai Meta's Broken Necklace

Defeat Nightmares while on the Moon with Arc abilities.

Marrow's Elegy

Collect three different bones from completing public events, lost sectors, and Bone Collectors wandering on the Moon.

Thy Honored Conduction

Defeat the High Conductor within the Scarlet Keep strike.

Of Darkest Harmony

Defeat minor, elite, and mini-boss enemies in the solar system.

Choir of the Damned

Enter the Circle of Bones on the Moon to defeat the Deathsinger, Ir Airâm.

Weapon Information

Exotic Weapon Perk: Dark Deliverance
Fires remotely detonated projectiles that expand into deathly void orbs on enemies. Hold fire to shoot, release to detonate remotely.

Divinity is an exotic Rocket Launcher that uses heavy/powerful ammo and has an VOID burn. 


  • You must own the Shadowkeep/Season of the Undying DLC

  • You must be 900 Light Level

  • You must have completed the Shadowkeep campaign