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Conqueror Triumph Seal 

This service is for our top-tier PVE team to assist you in earning one of the most prestigious and difficult to earn titles to date: Conqueror. Earn this exclusive title by completing some of the most difficult challenges and triumphs within the newest pinnacle Nightfall: The Ordeal on Grandmaster Difficulty! Our team makes the road to showing off this title quick and easy!


Depending on the Triumphs you select, our team can complete the following Nightfall on Grandmaster difficulty for you (all of them are required in order to obtain the seal):

  • Grandmaster: The Devil's Lair

  • Grandmaster: The Arms Dealer

  • Grandmaster: Proving Grounds

  • Grandmaster: Warden of Nothing

  • Grandmaster: Fallen S.A.B.E.R.

  • Grandmaster: The Insight Terminus


  • You must be a minimum 1325+ Light Level

  • You must have Barrier, Unstoppable & Overload mods unlocked for weapons that are 1325 Power Level

  • You absolutely must stay offline during an account recovery

Looking for the Gilded version of Conqueror? Look here: