Cabal Gold Farm

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Cabal Gold Farm

Cabal Gold is a new material introduced in Season of the Chosen. It is used to infuse the Hammer of Proving so you can smash the caches that spawns in the Battleground events for extra loot! This also lets you charge the Hammer of Proving (charges which are used to focus Umbral Engrams).


Cabal Gold is obtained by completing a number of special activities. However, you should note that the game doesn't guarantee this item. You will only be rewarded with Cabal Gold if you are lucky.  Players can earn Cabal Gold in Destiny 2 by participating in a bunch of different activities. These include Crucible, Gambit, Public events, Playlist Strikes, Nightmare Hunts, The Blind Well, Dungeons and Raids. 

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  • You must own the Beyond Light DLC and the Season of the Chosen Season Pass

  • You must be 1250+ Power Level