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All Three Raids Bundle

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All Three Raids Bundle

Destiny raids are a mode which challenges a team of 6 people to cooperate and communicate in order to succeed. Raids can be immensely fun to play but with specific failure mechanics, they can get tiring at times. We, at GuardianProxy, can do the grinding for you and complete all of the raids in your place and get you the awesome loot. Or if you want to learn and experience the insides of a raid yourself, we are always happy to teach. 


We will complete the following raids for or with you:

Garden of Salvation
Last Wish 
- Deep Stone Crypt 
  • From the raids you will get exclusive raid armor, mods and weapons. If you choose the recovery options we will provide a full droplist of the loot obtained during the order. 


  • You must be 1230+ Power Level.

  • You must have completed the Shadowkeep Campaign.

  • You must have the Deep Stone Crypt available. 

Read more about the individual raids here: