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Adored Ritual Weapon

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Adored Ritual Sniper

Adored The Adored Sniper is the first ritual weapon of its kind, with the ability to earn this season-exclusive sniper from either Crucible, Gambit, or Strikes. Additionally, there are three earnable ornaments from each of the three paths, and require a serious time commitment! Add this sought-after sniper to your arsenal with the GP Team's help!

Weapon Info

Adored is a SECONDARY ARC adaptive frame Sniper Rifle, which features several changeable Legendary Traits including:

Legendary Trait #1

Triple Tap or Killing Wind

Legendary Trait #2

Vorpal Weapon or Snapshot Sights


There are three ornaments available once you've earned the base weapon. We can acquire all three ornaments provided you have 3 qualifiable characters.





  • You must own Beyond Light DLC

  • You must have completed the Beyond Light Campaign

  • This is completed as a Recovery Service only!
Adored Ritual Weapon
Adored Ritual Weapon
Adored Ritual Weapon
Adored Ritual Weapon