Remember the old Destiny Year 1 days where you can two tap Guardians in the head and stop them from getting revives in Trials of Osiris? Yep well it was broken back then and it still is. Thorn with weapons of light and Soul Devourer proc'd it will still do that! Bringing you back to all your nostalgic memories! Thorn is a 150 primary handcannon that just puts the hurt on your enemies and just keeps on giving! It's damage over time burn comes in handy when stopping Guardians in crucible from regaining their health and gives you the upper hand by just simply firing the gun! One of my personal favorites to use when I just need that extra help in snagging those kills in crucible!





Thorn is an Exotic hand cannon and one of the Weapons of Sorrow, acquired from completing the quest Independent Study


This is a recovery service and includes the full questline.

Thorn Exotic Quest

  • Must be minimum 750+ Power Level.

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