The new Season of Arrivals is upon us and with it comes fresh content and a chunky new grind.... We love it! Are you however not a fan of the big grind, or simply just limited on time, then fear not - The GuardianProxy team is here to help you!


Season Pass Boost

For every 100.000 of XP you will rank up your season pass for a total of 100 ranks. Unlock a ton of rewards including armor, weapons, glimmer, materials, emotes, the exotic Grenade Launcher “Witherhoard” and much much more.

  • Every level cost $8. Select the amount of levels you want when choosing quantity. 

Season Pass Boost

  • Must have the Season of Arrivals Season Pass
    Must be of 900+ Power Level

  • This might take several days to complete depending on the amount of ranks selected.

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