The Revoker is a 72 RPM Aggressive Frame Crucible Pinnacle Sniper that can headshot kill any super in the game #NoSuperForYou. Like to snipe but can't hit your shots? Revoker comes slammed packed with an instrinsic perk called Reversal of Fortune that refunds one bullet every time you miss a target completely. It's one of the most used guns in the game and for a very good reason! Want flashbacks of D1 hardscoped sniper lanes? Well you've come to the right place! Show off this pinnacle weapon in Crucible and slay any Guardian who dare challenges you!


$100,00 Regular Price
$60,00Sale Price
  • This is a very lengthly questline to complete. Our team may need to sign onto your account more than one time within a one week period. They will keep in contact with you every step of the way and update you on their progress with the weapon. Please be ready by your email or phone when being contacted by one of our members as they will discuss times and details of your order. 

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