Literally the team player exotic. The Thorn's worst enemy. The I'm going to heal my team and get a damage buff at the same time. You guessed it! Lumina is one of the most slept on exotics when used in crucible! When you get a kill and collect your noble round, you'll not only have the ability to heal a teammate, but also you'll get your damage buff. Become the Mercy you want to be! Also a 150 RPM handcannon just like Thorn but surprisingly better!



Lumina is an Exotic Hand Cannon that can heal your friends!

This weapon is obtained by completing a questline starting in EDZ.  It deals kinetic damage and is equippable in the kinetic weapon slot.  Let our team at Guardian Proxy help you obtain this awesome gun!


This is a recovery service and includes the full questline. 

Lumina Exotic Quest

  • You need to be of 750+ Power Level
    You need to have the Forsaken DLC

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