Divinity is a powerful and exotic trace rifle obtained from the Garden of Salvation raid, and is extremely useful for most DPS phases on enemies in PvE. The questline starts out on the moon and ends in the GoS raid where you need to complete several puzzles. Skip the hassle and let Guardian Proxy help you obtain this awesome weapon! 


This is by default an account recovery, but if you wish to play yourself, there is an option to add that (Sherpa). 


This Package includes:

1x Full GoS raid completion 

     (4x Pinnacle drops, 2x Bonus chests)

1x Exotic Divinity weapon


Divinity Exotic Quest

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  • Must have Key to Divinity quest in inventory - If you do not, you can add FULL QUESTLINE to the purchase.

    Must be of 920+ Power Level
    Must have the Shadowkeep DLC
    Must have completed the Shadowkeep Campaign

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