This is a Checkpoint Completion recovery service only.


  • Our team will complete the Insurrection Prime (final) encounter for you.
  • This encounter rewards the Recovered Memories Emblem and one powerful raid drop
  • This can be cleared once per character per weekly reset.


You do NOT need to have a checkpoint.


If you are interested in a full raid completion, we offer that as well in the Raids section. 


Classified as a heavy Grenade Launcher, Anarchy is just a beast when it comes to damage. One of the hardest hitting damage over time weapons in the game! Your trip-mines will create a trap within any area of arc energy! Oh by the way, IT STICKS TO ANY SURFACE! The traps last for 10 seconds when activated, and 15 seconds when laid down just waiting for that unfortunate enemy to step into it! A really amazing gun to have in your pocket! 


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  •  Must be 750+ with access to the Scourge of the Past Raid

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