Want a Light Machine Gun that can overfill it's magazine whenever you pick up a special or heavy brick? Also did you want that same gun to ramp up damage with every thrall you slay in your glorious conquest to defeat the darkness? Well -slaps magazine well of 21% Delirium- have I got the gun for you! One of the most sought after gun in Destiny 2 is 21% Delirium, a new machine gun built for the purpose of demolishing Gambit matches and also taking care of those heavy mobs of ads! 21% DESTROYER is a Gambit Pinnacle Weapon that mows down ads with ease. Hammerhead is overplayed, you need this gun because it outshines most EXOTIC LMGs in damage with it's amazing Overflow perk! Found in your heavy slot, reloading is a pain BUT just run over some special ammo or heavy and keep on spraying!

21% Delirium


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