What happens after I place an order?

Once you place an order you will receive a confirmation on email. If you have ordered:

RECOVERY - We will request login details.
SHERPA - We will schedule a time convenient for you.

Your order is then placed in queue immediately.

Once your order has been assigned to a team member (usually within 24 hours - often sooner) you will receive another notification on email or text and at least a 10 minute warning before we sign on.

Our team will then begin working on your order while you sit back and relax.


Once your order has been completed, your assigned player will sign out and delete the account from their platform.

You will receive a full drop list of all the loot obtained during the order. You are then free to continue playing.

What is the difference between the RECOVERY and SHERPA options?

When placing an order you have to choose between either RECOVERY or SHERPA on most of our services.

Recovery means that someone from our team signs on your account and completes the specified activities FOR YOU. Account sharing and login details are necessary for this service.

It is used most often by:
- People with a busy work schedule
- People finding the activity too difficult
- People who want to have everything in the game but don’t have enough time
- People with a significant other that disapproves of the amount of time that you spend playing video games
- People going on a vacation but don’t want to miss out on time-gated rewards.

Sherpa means that YOU PLAY with someone from our team. There is no account sharing or login details needed for this service. However, there is an extra fee for this option, but that is because it usually takes a bit longer when teaching.

It is used most often by:
- People who want to learn and complete certain activities on their own, but struggle to find a fireteam.
- People who want the experience of e.g. playing a raid, but they don't want to struggle for hours with unexperienced players.
- People who want to learn in a safe and patient space.

How fast will my order be completed?

Every order will have different completion times as well as start-times depending on the specific service and the size of the order.

Once an order has been placed someone from our team will reach out to you to discuss the expected completion time as well as when it is convenient for you for us to begin.

Most orders can be completed within 24 hours.

Is it safe to use Guardian Proxy?


We realize it takes a certain amount of trust to hand over your account to a stranger, which is why we have all our employees sign a contract that reflects GuardianProxy's policy regarding customer privacy. We do not share any information from orders with any website or other service and your information, identity and any personal conversations you have shared with us will remain only with us. Once an order is complete your account information will be deleted from the platform the job has been concluded on.

Is account recovery legal?

Yes, it is legal.

Having someone recover your account (play on your account) does not violate Bungie's Terms of Agreement. Furthermore, our team is highly professional and never uses cheats, nor will they perform toxic behavior of any kind on your account.

Why are you guys cheaper than other services?

Compared to other boosting services out there, we offer the most competitive prices on the market to date. Although we believe in offering our services for a price, we understand as well that we are not as established as other websites. We also believe that people who want to enjoy Destiny 2 shouldn't have to pay extremely high prices just to be able to compete with the current META in PvP and PvE. We believe in fairness.

Can I change my order/cancel a service?

All orders can be cancelled and changed BEFORE the job commences. If you wish to do so, please message the live chat or support@guardianproxy.com with your request and order number.

Note, there will be a cancellation fee 15% of your total price order. A late cancellation after our members have already logged into your account will not be refunded. The 15% cancellation fee is in effect to help our members prioritize their time and orders.

Can I work for GuardianProxy?

Yes. You are welcome to apply in the Careers tab on the Information drop down menu.

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