About us

Our story

Starting off as a couple of die-hard gamers who needed something to justify the amount of hours we put into Destiny, we started doing recoveries and sherpa's on a freelancing basis. Having major success with this and seeing how we could help our fellow guardians while doing what we love, we decided it was time to create a fancy website - So here we are!

Why pick us? We realize that there are numerous of Destiny 2 service providers out there, so to compete with the big boys we offer the most competitive prices on the market. However, the services we provide are still of the highest quality as we run every order based on our company's core principles.

Our core principles


We treat all people with respect and accounts as if they were our own. We know how much time, dedication, and care that goes into building up an account and we would never put it at risk for any reason. 


We rely on a small, highly professional team that works around the clock to offer you some of the best customer service in this industry. With guardians ranking top 1% worldwide in both PvE and PvP, your order will be completed in no time!


We make sure that your privacy is always respected. We appear offline on every order and all your information is deleted off the platform on which the order has been completed. Further, your information is 100% secure and private. The lock icon in the URL bar indicates that our website is completely secure and private. 


giving back to the community

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Guardians wanting to join our team has to undergo a thorough application process.  They must disclose all Destiny related stats and full identity.


We thoroughly check all stats of potential Proxy Guardians to make sure only the best of the best joins us. Our team currently consists of PvE and PvP players in the top 1% and top 1000 players worldwide.


Every guardian who meets our requirements and wish to join our team must sign a code of conduct contract. The contract is to ensure you privacy and professionalism with every order.

Got any questions?

Always feel free to contact us either via email or the live chat. We'd love to hear from you!