The Dawning 2020

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The Dawning 2020: Seasonal Event

The Dawning has returned to Destiny 2, bringing with it new gear, cosmetics, and a new way to celebrate the 2020 Holiday season with our favorite Eva Levante. The event is live from December 15, 2020 until January 5, 2021. The GuardianProxy team offers a ton of service options to help get things done during your busy holiday season!

Options and Rewards

And to All a Good Flight Questline

Completing this quest will unlock upgrades for the Starfarer 7M Ship, unlock the Emblem Dawning Mirth, and the Triumph Hung in the Hangar


Dawning Triumphs and Shaders

Gift Unwrapping
Complete the “Share the Dawning Spirit” quest - rewards the Eventide Cheer Shader:

Hung in the Hangar
Complete the “And to All a Good Flight” quest - rewards the Goldjay Shader:

Essence of Dawning and Ingredient Farming

Essence of Dawning
We offer services to help earn the amount of Essence, which is required in order for you to bake cookies in your oven. We may complete bounties to earn the necessary number of Essence

Ingredient Farming
If you are interested in us farming any or specific ingredients required for baking, please contact us so we can get a proper quote for you based on the number of ingredients you are interested in! 


  • You must own the game and have access to the Tower

  • This is completed as an account recovery only; please check out our FAQ page if you are interested in learning more about the recovery process

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