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Salvation's Grip

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Salvation's Grip Exotic Grenade Launcher

Salvation's Grip is a brand new exotic grenade launcher, and is the first weapon with the Stasis burn! If you're looking to get this weapon fast, the GP Team is here to help! Don't forget: this weapon is necessary to acquire new perks for the Stasis subclass, so don't wait to add this to your arsenal!

Weapon Info

Salvation's Grip is a HEAVY STASIS exotic grenade launcher, which features a perk called Cryocannon

This weapon’s projectiles create Stasis crystals and freeze nearby targets.

Quest Info

Gathering Intel

Defeat Fallen Captains and Servitors on Europa to collect intel


Locating the Prototype

Defeat one of Eramis's council members in an Empire Hunt


Stasis Practice

Eliminate combatants with, or affected by, your Stasis abilities


Lost Sector Rendezvous

Rendezvous with Spider's associate in the Concealed Void Lost Sector


Rendezvous with Drifter

Visit the Drifter in the Annex


Stealing Stasis

Complete the Stealing Stasis mission


Rendezvous with Drifter

Visit the Drifter in the Annex


  • You must own Beyond Light DLC

  • You must have completed the Beyond Light Campaign
  • You must be 1200+ Light Level

  • This is completed as a Recovery Service only!

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