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Iron Banner

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Iron Banner

Iron Banner is currently available until March 2nd!

This service is for gaining Iron Banner rank ups and bounties for exclusive Iron Banner gear, which are offered in multiple quantities of packages as well as bounty options. This option is only available as a recovery. This is a great service for those looking to get ahold of the seasonal Iron Banner exclusives including gear and to boost their power level quickly. There are quite a few options, so make sure you read the info about product options below!

Season 13: Saladin's Gauntlets Quest

New to Season 13, Lord Saladin is sending us on a quest within the Iron Banner to unlock new shaders, a brand new emblem, and two reprised weapons:  The Time Worn Spire Pulse Rifle and The Multimach CCX SMG.

 Step 1: Smelting Pot: Defeat 30 opponents, capture 10 zones, and get 5 Arc or Solar ability final blows

Step 2: Sounding Bell: Get 10 power weapon kills, complete 6 Crucible Matches, and capture 20 zones

Step 3: Live Fire: Obtain 20 SMG kills, capture 30 zones, and defeat 100 Guardians

Step 4: Steady Drums: Capture 40 zones, obtain 15 pulse rifle kills, obtain 15 super ability kills

Step 5: Gauntlet's Chosen: Return to Saladin

Iron Banner Bounties

Similar to previous seasons, Lord Saladin has 4 Powerful bounties for us to complete by doing various tasks within the Iron Banner playlist. Each Bounty will reward 1 piece of Pinnacle Gear and 25 Iron Banner tokens once completed. 


Iron Banner Rank-up

Aside from the new quest and Powerful bounties, we do offer Rank-up packages, which is similar to token farming. We will complete matches within the Iron Banner for you, earning you tokens for each game won. Each Rank-up to earn a legendary engram is 20 tokens. 


Iron Truage Armor

The Time Worn Spire / Pulse Rifle / Kinetic

The Multimach CCX / SMG / Kinetic


  • You must be power level 1275+
  • This is completed as an account recovery only.

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