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Deep Stone Crypt

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Deep Stone Crypt Raid

Beyond Light is here and with it comes our first new raid called the Deep Stone Crypt!
Head into this stunning, new raid with our team or have one of our boosters head into it for you - either way you’re getting that sweet….SWEET loot! There will be plenty of new rewards to earn for your Guardians, e.g. new Raid exlusive armor sets, weapons, mods, emblems and the exotic rocket launcher Eyes of Tomorrow. Down below are just some of the rewards you may have a chance at getting! Also, a fair mention is that any weapon you obtain while in the raid may have a chance at being re-rolled at the end to help obtain that god-rolled weapon sooner!


Legacy's Oath Armor sets

Commemoration - Legendary / Heavy / Void / Machine Gun

Trustee - Legendary / Energy / Solar / Scout Rifle

Succession - Legendary / Kinetic / Sniper Rifle

Bequest - Legendary / Heavy / Arc / Sword

Posterity - Legendary / Kinetic / Hand Cannon

Eyes of Tomorrow - Exotic / Heavy / Solar / Rocket Launcher

1st Clear Raid Emblem: Crypt Reawakened 

 Retrocausality - Exotic Sparrow

(You get this by completing the Not a Scratch Triumph)

No Love Lost - Exotic Ghost Shell 

(You get this by completing the Rock Bottom Triumph)

Raid Triumphs & Descendant Triumph Seal Options

We offer all Raid Triumphs. Options not listed on this page will be on the Descendant page linked below!


  • You must own Beyond Light
  • You must be at least 1230+ Power Level

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