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Cloudstrike (GUARANTEED)

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Cloudstrike Exotic Sniper Rifle

Once unlocking the higher tier Empire Hunts offered on Europa, Cloudstrike is available to drop as a very rare reward! We are now offering a service for a GUARANTEED Cloudstrike from the rotating Empire Hunt. Please note that this service will result in a guaranteed drop, regardless of how many Hunts it takes to obtain!

About this Service

- We will complete the Empire Hunt on rotation, likely on a more difficult option depending on your accounts Light Level as the drop rate increases in higher difficulty.

Please note: there is a series of steps from the Sabotage missions offered by Variks that are required in order to unlock the higher difficulty Empire Hunts. If you do not have Europa Explorer I and Europa Explorer II unlocked, please select the option for us to unlock them for you. 

Weapon Info

Cloudstrike / Sniper Rifle / Arc / Exotic

Intrinsic Perk: Precision final blows creates lightning bolts(!!)


  • You must have access to the rotating higher difficulty Empire Hunts; if you don't have access, please select the option for us to unlock them for you

  • You must be 1220+ Light Level

  • You must own the Beyond Light DLC

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