Seasonal Challenges

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Seasonal Challenges

Weekly Challenges is a new addition with The Season of the Chosen and brings 10 new challenges each week for you to complete. Each challenge has its own reward, some greater than others. This is a great way to increase the reputation of the War Table and to upgrade your Cabal Hammer used in Battleground activities! 

The challenges changes each week. 


Rewards can vary depending on the challenge including:

  • War Table Reputation (leads to Hammer upgrades and Seasonal Gear)
  • Seasonal Armor and Weapons (Season 13 exclusive gear)
  • Lore
  • Bright Dust
  • Tons of XP


The War Table Reputation Pack includes ALL challenges that award War Table Reputation  (that current week) in a bundled deal!

If you need a custom challenge, or you have partial progress on a challenge, please contact us for a customized order!



  • Must have the Beyond Light DLC

  • Must be of 1250+ Power Level

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