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Cryptolith Lure Upgrades

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Cryptolith Lure Upgrades

Cryptolith Lure

The Cryptolith Lure is a device used exclusively for Wrathborn Hunts offered by the Crow, and when upgraded, can offer some great rewards. We all know we hate this guy BUT his rewards are amazing if you're looking to boost your power level! Although he looks and sounds like someone we totally put a bullet into, he's not! The Crow aka Uldren is a new Vendor released in Beyond Light and he has tasked us in dealing with these Wrathborn, hunt em down and finish the job. Upgrading the Lure will reward you with more powerful gear and eventually a pinnacle gear. If you're looking to take advantage of these rewards and increase your reputation with the Crow, the GP Team is here to help get it done ASAP!

Rank Upgrades

Reputation Boost I


Rank 1 - Reputation Boost I
Increases the amount of recon data obtained from Wrathborn hunts

Improved Seeker I

Rank 2 - Improved Seeker I

Unlocks Hive Wrathborn hunts

Power Hunter

Rank 4 - Power Hunter

Increases the number of Powerful Rewards available to earn each week from 2 to 4

Reputation Boost II

Rank 6 - Reputation Boost II

Increases the amount of recon data obtained from Wrathborn hunts

Seasoned HunterRank 8 - Seasoned Hunter

Beneficial modifiers are activated in Wrathborn Hunts


 Mutation Mod ExtractorRank 10 - Mutation Mod Extractor

Increases the amount of Mutation mods obtained from Wrathborn Hunts



  • You must own the Beyond Light DLC and completed the campaign

  • You must be 1210+ Power Level

  • You must have access to the Crow in the Tangled Shore

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